Minimise your leave liability


Excessive leave entitlement is a key liability and can lead to a tired and unproductive workforce. Our KPI dashboards enable your managers to monitor their team’s future leave entitlements and pro-actively encourage employees who need to take a holiday.

No leave overpayments

Our synchronisation tools will retrieve leave balances from your payroll system, so that always knows exactly how much leave an employee has available.

In this screenshot, the employee has exhausted her annual leave entitlement, and TimeFiler has automatically applied leave without pay for the remaining hours. (This is configurable to your requirements - for more information, click here.)

Excessive entitlement

It's also important for companies to manage employees with excessive leave balances. We've included some useful KPI dashboards in TimeFiler to highlight departments and employees with high leave balances.

What makes these dashboards really useful though, is that they project each employee's balance to a future date, taking into consideration the leave the employee will accrue as well as the planned leave in that period.

In this example, each employee's leave balance has been equated to a number of weeks. This makes it possible to compare all employees, whether they are part time or full time.