What does it cost?


We don't publish a fixed cost, because it really depends on your organisation and what you need. But our pricing is really simple - you just pay a monthly fee for the service, and a one-off fee to have TimeFiler configured to your requirements.

Monthly Fee: TimeFiler

Monthly fee

A monthly fee covers your TimeFiler license, hosting and support. We calculate it based on the number of employees that will use TimeFiler and the features they need.

One-Off configuration fee: TimeFiler

Configuration fee

We've got templates to get you started, but every customer needs something a little bit special. We will scope your requirements so you know exactly what you will get and what it will cost.

Monthly Fee: TimeFiler

Call us now

We get a kick out of helping you figure out how TimeFiler can help your business. Call us now and we'll talk through what you need. Our staff are friendly and are experts at providing solutions.


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Monthly Fee: TimeFiler

Want to see it?

Have questions? Want to see more detail? We're happy to show you how TimeFiler works and what we can do for your business.

A cloud application for medium-large entities

TimeFiler was purpose-built to suit corporate customers wanting to use cloud-applications.

Pricing: Fixed monthly fee

Fixed monthly fee

We'll agree on a fixed monthly fee. Set it and forget it!

Pricing:No fixed term contract

No fixed-term contract

We want you to use TimeFiler because it's great for your business - not because you're locked into a contract.

Pricing:It's your data'

It's your data

We make it easy for you to retrieve your data at any time so you can include it in your own reports and data warehouses. About our integration.

Pricing:Maintenance and upgrades

Maintenance & upgrades included

TimeFiler is regularly updated to deliver new features, and to support new and updated browsers and internet devices. You don't need to do anything - and updates are always backwards compatible to support your configuration.

Pricing:Available 24/7

Available 24/7

TimeFiler is hosted by established, proven and trusted providers that use highly available systems and use the latest security and encryption techniques.

Pricing:Use any device

Use any device

Your users can use almost any device to access TimeFiler and we support all modern browsers. We even support single sign-on to make access as simple as possible for your users.

Understanding your business needs

With any business process, it's the last 20% that takes 80% of the effort. Automating that last 20% is what we shine at. We will scope and document your requirements, and then configure TimeFiler to fit. You'll be amazed at how smooth and transparent the process becomes!

The implementation process

Book a presentation

Book a presentation

Talk to us - our team is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping customers get a great result.

Implementation process

Scoping and sign off

Scoping and sign off

Once you're confident TimeFiler will benefit your company, we will scope your requirements and give you a fixed implementation cost.

Implementation process

System integration

System integration

We are experts at synchronising data from your payroll (and other systems) to comprehensively integrate TimeFiler with existing applications.

Implementation process

Configuration and testing

Configuration & testing

We'll configure TimeFiler to your scope, and work with you to complete user acceptance testing and parallel runs, so you have the confidence to roll it out.

Implementation process



The work put into configuring TimeFiler to your requirements makes roll-out a main-usable. Your users will love the intuitive and efficient interface accessible from any device, and you will be the toast of the company!