TimeFiler pricing strategy

Every client is different, which is why we configure our system to fit specific needs and nothing more. Get in touch with the team today for a quote tailored to you.

A single monthly fee

With a quote specific to your usage, your monthly fee covers your TimeFiler license, hosting, and support. This fee is calculated based on the number of employees using TimeFiler and the needed features. With a fixed fee, you can just set and forget it.

Plus a single setup fee

We've got templates to get you started, but every customer needs something special. We'll scope your requirements, so you know exactly what you'll get and what it'll cost. Plus, we're continually updating our system so you'll get the chance to access further configurations as we develop them.
Get TimeFiler on your terms

24/7 access,
365 days a year

Accessible from any device, at any time. Retrieve data to use in your reports, integrate with your payroll, and grow your business. Simply talk with us to find out how you can make TimeFiler work best for you.

24/7 access, 365 days a year

Streamline your business, starting now

Spend your time and money where it counts with TimeFiler
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How to get started with TimeFiler

Get Started
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Book a presentation

Talk to us — our team is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping customers get great results.
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Customise your TimeFiler and get a quote

Customising our system to your needs is where we shine. We’ll scope your requirements to find the best solution our web application can offer, with the most reasonable quote. Smooth, transparent, and easy.
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Integrating TimeFiler with your system

We are experts at synchronising data from your payroll (and other existing systems) to provide a seamless transition that’s all about ease of use and takes no time to learn.
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Pre-launch Testing

We'll configure TimeFiler to your scope and work with you to complete user acceptance testing and parallel runs, so you’ve got the confidence to roll out with us.
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…and you’re away

Configuring TimeFiler to your requirements and completing the roll-out is quick and easy. The next step is finding out what to do with your freed-up time!

Take control of your timesheets.

Manage your timesheets the right way, with our automated web application.

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