Plan your staff roster


Most employees will have a permanent pattern assigned to their profile as their ‘baseline’ roster. Your managers can then make changes as required and add rosters for casual and variable employees.

The Roster planner

The roster planner sits at the core of the TimeFiler roster process. This is a single screen for Managers and Administrators to review and amend the roster. (Similar screens are used for managing timesheets and leave.)

The roster planner conveys a lot of information in a single view, with careful use of colour to highlight important items, and we think it does a good job of balancing the need for detail with the need for ease of use. The example below is a snippet from a fortnight planner:

The Roster planner

You can choose between three core layouts, with each one showing employees listed on the left side and days across the top:

(seven days)

(fourteen days)

(a calendar month)

Key features

  • The example above just shows start and end time with overlaid leave requests, but some customers choose to include different details such as shift code, workplace and so-on (up to nine different placeholders for each day).
  • Leave requests are overlaid on top so you can see who is not available to work, and whether the leave has been approved.
  • Our real-time warnings highlight potential issues on the day (such as overtime incurred, excessive consecutive days rostered, excessive weekend days rostered, and so-on).
  • Managers see all of their own employees, and they also see other Managers' employees who have been rostered to work for them.
  • Clicking on an employee's row shows their full, editable roster below, giving a single screen for preparing the roster.

Scheduling a 24 hour operation

A key feature is our ability to start shifts on one day, but end them on the next day. It's a great way to handle shift patterns which cross over midnight and still have the entire shift assigned to one day.

Shifts that finish 'tomorrow'

For all 24 hours operations, employees work shifts which cross midnight from one day to the next. Let's consider health providers as an example. Many hospitals operate a three-shift pattern similar to this approach:

When the user enters the night shift, TimeFiler automatically appends a '+' to the 0700 end time to denote that it ends the following day. This can also be used if you want to assign a shift which falls entirely on one day to the preceding day. For example, if your Sunday night shift normally starts at 11pm, but an employee is scheduled for a late start of 1am, you can still assign this shift to the Sunday so that it is included on Sunday's roster. In the screenshot below, Cathy and Amanda are both scheduled to work on Monday 'night', even though Amanda's work will actually take place early on Tuesday morning:

This allows users to view the roster for 'Monday' and see all shifts which should appear on the Monday, even where those shift fall partly or entirely on the next day.