New Zealand Aviation Security Service

New Zealand Aviation Security Service

All 800 employees moved from paper to online timesheets. Big training job? Not at all.

Key TimeFiler benefits

  • Minimal training - even for users unfamiliar with computers
  • Integrated with existing payroll
  • Worked perfectly, right from the start
  • Completed on time and on budget

About the Aviation Security Service

The Aviation Security Service (AvSec) is the official provider of aviation security services in New Zealand. With employees based at eight locations around New Zealand, AvSec screens domestic and international departing passengers, and provides security at designated areas of airports.

Needed a simple system capable of powerful calculations

Before TimeFiler, employees from eight locations throughout New Zealand filled in paper timesheets which were sent to Head Office in Wellington each fortnight.
AvSec immediately realised the efficiency gains by implementing TimeFiler - no more paper waste, accurate payments, no more high pressure deadlines to be met during pay week since the workload could be spread throughout the fortnight, and no more Payroll data entry.

AvSec were looking for a timesheet product that was simple to use, yet with powerful business rule functionality to handle complex payment rules.

“We needed an extremely user friendly system”, says Neil Gardner, Payroll Manager. “Many of our employees only had basic computer skills so we needed to ensure online timesheets are easy to use. We also didn't want to have to send all employees on a training course just so they knew how to use it.”

Employees usually maintain timesheets on a daily basis, so it was vital to ensure it didn't become a cumbersome task.

“The TimeFiler interface is sheer simplicity. I don’t consider myself a computer whiz, but you don’t need to be to operate TimeFiler. A few clicks and you are finished. It’s very straight-forward and hassle-free” says Ivan Steele, Aviation Security Officer.

"I don’t consider myself a computer whiz, but you don’t need to be to operate TimeFiler. A few clicks and you are finished."

Why did they choose TimeFiler?

Aside from a user-friendly interface, AvSec also required a system that would integrate well with their existing payroll system, PayGlobal.

“We didn't want to have to maintain employee data in two separate systems,” says Mr Gardner, “one of the reasons we chose TimeFiler was because it was capable of reading data from payroll including user-defined fields. At the end
of each fortnightly period it is simply a matter of pressing a button to send payment transactions from TimeFiler to PayGlobal, eliminating all manual data entry.”

"We didn't want to have to maintain employee data in two separate systems"

Implementing TimeFiler

The AvSec implementation was completed on time and within budget, with no surprises along the way and has been running trouble-free since mid-2007.

“Enfinit ensured the entire installation was as smooth as possible, taking care to understand and meet our specific needs along the way and achieve a seamless integration with our payroll system.” says Neil.

“Remaining client-focussed is the key for successful TimeFiler implementations,” says Jo Smith, Direct of Services at TimeFiler. “We like to make sure clients get a system that works for them now and into the future. Along the way, clients make suggestions for useful enhancements that are often built into the product quickly which then benefits everyone - our clients and of course, the TimeFiler product.”

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A time for change.

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“The fact that the application is device-agnostic is excellent”