Design your own timesheets


Design your own timesheet

Our online timesheets are configured to suit each customer, making them easy to use and deploy. We'll help you design timesheet layouts so that each of your employees and managers uses a form specifically tailored to their requirements.

Design your own timesheet

The ability to configure forms is part of what makes TimeFiler so intuitive for users - and the same level of configuration is available for the roster and leave requests, too.

Sample 1: Attendance

This example shows a typical timesheet based on capturing the employee's start and end time each day, and adding extra information to decide how that day should be paid and reported.

You can add more columns to capture extra detail, such as tick-boxes to denote allowance claims, numeric fields to store e.g. mileage, tasks completed - virtually anything you could want can be captured.

Sample 2: Time clocks

Some of our customers use time clocks to capture some or all of their employees' attendance, and automatically generate the timesheet entries.

Customers use a wide variety of time clocks, including point of sale systems, face recognition clocks, fingerprint scanners, swipe cards - you really can use anything you like.

All we need is a source data file to extract an employee identifier, and the date and time they 'clocked'. This will be automatically imported into TimeFiler regularly (usually, every fifteen minutes) so that managers can see at any time who is on-site.

Sample 3: Job costing

Many of our customers track their employees' time on jobs for costing and billing purposes. This layout is aimed at users who capture lots of different jobs through the timesheet period, allowing fast data entry across the page for each day.

Columns can be added or removed to capture the detail you require, and it's also possible to re-label the column titles (for example, some customers re-label Job to be Project).

Sample 4: Team timesheets

This feature was added to TimeFiler in response to customer requests to enter timesheets for a group of employees, on a single screen. It's a very efficient way of recording work for a group of employees, and has been used by clients to capture attendance for sports teams, powerline gangs, fruit picking teams and other activities where a group of employees are working on the same tasks.

Sample 5: Hybrid

Customers are not restricted to choosing just one layout for a timesheet. A timesheet can consist of multiple sections for capturing a variety of data. For example: some customers capture worked time at the top of the timesheet, using start and end times, and add a job costing section below to note the jobs worked on during the day.

This is especially useful where the employee works on a lot of jobs in a day and where there is not necessarily a start and end time for each to be recorded. The business can validate to ensure that job hours match worked hours (or whatever rule should be applied).

We can also add sections to the timesheet to capture extra information such as plant utilisation.

Talk to us and we'll help you to figure out exactly how the timesheet layouts can work for your business.