St. John

St. John

Previously spent 3-4 hours on paper timesheets. Now the job is done within one hour.

Key TimeFiler benefits

  • Easy for entire workforce to use
  • Accessible anywhere, from any device
  • Automated complex payments
  • Simple, efficient rollout.

What is the makeup of the team you manage?

Most of the staff I manage work off site; I have 19 stations that I am responsible for. That breaks down to 54 full-time staff (including managers), plus 30-40 casuals. They all have various roles and qualifications which attract a variety of allowances and overtime payments.

Prior to using TimeFiler, what was the method used for capturing their time?

Rosters were managed via Excel spreadsheets and the previous week's roster was printed for review. Employees then filled out manual paper timesheets.

What were the time-consuming issues or bottlenecks before TimeFiler?

It was a very time-consuming process going through each handwritten timesheet - it used to take 3-4 hours. Dealing with illegible writing, incomplete timesheets as well as different timesheet formats made the job more difficult than it should have been.

Before TimeFiler, what were your concerns about moving to the online system?

Initially I thought this would create more work for me due to staff not being able to "work" a computer. I had concerns - but they were unfounded - TimeFiler has been very easy for them to learn and use.

Any further comments you'd like to make?

I would recommend TimeFiler to any manager; it is a great system and it saves time. It is easy for employees to use, it saves paper, and it works out all of the payments for you, even public holidays. It is an excellent tool for managing employee time.

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AW Fraser

“We didn’t upgrade the payroll system in the end because TimeFiler has the brains; it can bolt into any payroll system we want.”

AW Fraser is a leading supplier of bronze and brass components worldwide, exporting 98% of its goods to Australasia, Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Port Taranaki

Port Taranaki, off the coast of New Plymouth, is a busy port dealing in shipments from petrol chemicals to logs, fertilisers, feeds and more.

“I’d recommend it, especially if someone is using Datacom as a sister app. [TimeFiler] reduces leave issues and how leave is managed.”


CityFitness has been on a mission to support and inspire Kiwis on their individual fitness and health journeys for over twenty years.

“Yes! Obviously, we’ve used it for so long, so it’s hard to talk about what we did before. But other than the fact that TimeFiler itself is awesome, the team can customise the app to your needs and dealing with them is always so easy. I’ve never felt that when I’ve contacted them, they’re not interested in listening to what I’ve had to say and have always presented a solution for going forward.”

New Zealand Aviation Security Service

All 800 employees moved from paper to online timesheets. Big training job? Not at all.

"I don’t consider myself a computer whiz, but you don’t need to be to operate TimeFiler. A few clicks and you are finished."

Environment Southland

A time for change

"Working with TimeFiler was great. I half joked during the online demonstration we had on Thursday about them being on-site on Monday morning, and they were!"

Tweed Shire Council

Reduced number of enquiries to chase up

“The fact that the application is device-agnostic is excellent”