TimeFiler Privacy Policy

It's your data

TimeFiler is an online system capable of storing information about a company or individual (Organisation). TimeFiler will only store information that is entered by the Users of an Organisation, or automatically imported at a User’s instruction. The data entered, or imported on instruction, by the Users of an Organisation remains the property of the Organisation and Enfinit will not use nor make available for use any of this information without written permission of the Organisation.

TimeFiler includes a feature for the Administrator to create a backup of your data, and for the Administrator to restore your TimeFiler system from this backup.

The Administrator may optionally take a copy of the TimeFiler system at any time, in Microsoft SQL Server format, and store it on the Organisation’s own computer system. It is the responsibility of the Administrator to ensure that this backup is stored appropriately for security purposes.

The Organisation’s data may be permanently deleted by Enfinit 90 days after the Organisation stops paying to use TimeFiler, or at the Administrator’s request.

SSL certification is used to encrypt Data transferred between the Users of an Organisation and the TimeFiler Servers. However, the internet is not in itself a secure environment. Users should only enter, or instruct the importation of, data to the database within a secure environment. This means that the User’s browser must support the encryption security used in connection with the Enfinit Servers.

You decide who accesses your data

The data entered, or imported on instruction, by the Users of an Organisation is stored securely in a database and is only accessible to the approved Users of the Organisation. The Organisation’s information stored in TimeFiler can only be accessed by a User using a username and password. The Administrator of the Organisation (Administrator) will have full control over who is invited to be a User.

Enfinit, Enfinit’s staff and Enfinit’s partners do not have access to the User’s passwords and will not access the Organisation’s account or data without receiving an invitation from the Administrator.

It is the User’s responsibility to keep their passwords safe. It is the Administrator’s responsibility to ensure that any Users that are invited to use the Organisation’s account have permission to view the Organisation’s information stored in the TimeFiler system.

Enfinit will have access to and may use information such as number of Users and number of timesheets for the purpose of billing and monitoring server and software performance as well as for other internal purposes of Enfinit.

This policy may be updated from time to time

Enfinit reserves the right to change this policy at any time and any amended policy will be posted on this website.

Enfinit monitors system usage

TimeFiler collects information about all system interaction with Users while they are logged in. This information is owned by Enfinit and may be used to verify actions taken by a User or to better understand the behaviour of Users in order to improve the TimeFiler application.

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