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The TimeFiler Process: Never the same application twice

Published on
January 31, 2024
The TimeFiler Process: Never the same application twice
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Our release strategy

When releasing a new application update, we aim for what’s called ‘zero visible impact’. This means that we’re ensuring compatibility with our new systems, with customers automatically updated to our new changes. It also means avoiding another lesson in how TimeFiler works or asking our busy clients to test our software updates for us.

We do this by having two active versions of TimeFiler going at any one time, with a third sometimes thrown in. Building this way allows us to systematically test and ‘make live’ a new version of the app when it's ready. We can then graduate customers with the latest update whilst minimising the number of risks they encounter. This keeps the process nice and automatic.

Typical changes

Typically, we make one of three updates to TimeFiler;

Web browser changes

Because we operate on a web browser interface, we regularly have to update our application to support a new iOS version. Often, vendors release a new version at short notice, so we create quick ‘patches’ to keep TimeFiler ticking along for our clients.

Mobile app changes

iTunes and Google Play work a little differently because there’s no room to support multiple versions of the same application. This is why we have to do a singular release and update all app users at the same time.

TimeFiler application changes

Generally, we update to support new features or to build greater functionality and UX (User Experience) into our designs. This is usually an automatic process, but for the reasons stated above, we might get in contact with our users first.

Why tell you?

As TimeFiler users, we like to make sure everything runs as swiftly and smoothly as it possibly can for you, saving you time, money and brainpower in the process. But occasionally, when our clients are not worried about their day-to-day concerns, they like to see what’s under the hood.

And we like to comply. We like to keep TimeFiler as transparent as possible for all the tech heads and interested users. Getting to know the application better can also help your experience, either in training new staff or revising what you know from your initial set-up. All of which means a better user experience for you.

So, if you’re interested in what we do or want to be ahead of the game when an update happens, check out our blogs or social media. Unless it’s important or likely to affect your business, we won’t contact you directly, but here, we like to advertise and talk about our best new features.

Because, well, we’re proud of them.

If you want to find out about more specific updates, keep checking our blogs or Facebook for more information.