Online Timesheets

Smart, easy-to-use and catering to diverse organisations


Design your own timesheets

Our online timesheets/time clock forms are configured to suit each customer, making them easy to use and deploy.

A familiar look and feel makes training a breeze.
Data entry is easy and efficient.
Layouts to capture attendance, time billing and expense claims.
Create multiple forms to handle different groups of employees and managers.

Eliminate errors at entry

Eliminate errors at entry

Our unique real-time rules engine stops user-error and educates your users, simplifying the process and getting it right, first time.

Data-entry is checked in real-time, prompting users with tips, warnings and highlighting errors.

Lists are filtered so users can only make relevant selections.

Automatic award interpretation

Showing your users exactly how they will be paid, while they complete the form, will have a dramatic impact on payroll queries and retrospective adjustments.

TimeFiler:Automatic Award interpretation

Automate the calculation of any payment condition.

TimeFiler:Automatic Award interpretation

Review the employee's payments right there on the timesheet.

TimeFiler:Automatic Award interpretation

Show messages to explain how a payment was calculated.

TimeFiler:Automatic Award interpretation

Standardise how your employees' payments are calculated.

Integrated with your payroll

TimeFiler is seamlessly integrated with your payroll and other business applications, giving you the best of both worlds: best-of-breed time management and no duplicate data entry.

Deep, seamless integration with virtually any payroll.
Modern, industry-standard integration tools.
API for including TimeFiler data in your data warehouse.