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Native applications


As of 2013, 65% of Australian and 54% of New Zealand adults own smartphones, and ownership has climbed 20-25% per year. Employees increasingly expect to use their device to review their roster, plan leave and complete timesheets.

We love mobile

We love mobile:TimeFiler

Our customers know that their employees can use almost any device to access TimeFiler. We have supported touch devices such as smartphones and tablets since they became available on the market.

We love mobile:TimeFiler
We love mobile:TimeFiler

Our user statistics tell the story - more and more of our customers' employees access TimeFiler using one of these devices.

Native applications

Native Applications:TimeFiler

Use our native applications for iPhone and Android devices. By offering a native application, we can utilise the built in notifications. Notifications are the successor to SMS - notifications are free, clickable and much more user friendly than SMS.

Using a mobile browser:TimeFiler

Using a mobile browser

Users who don't have our native application installed can still access TimeFiler using their web browser. We have carefully designed the user interface so that your users won't notice the difference, whether they use an iPad, Android tablet, MacBook laptop, Microsoft Windows desktop computer or smartphone to access TimeFiler.

The future

The future is already here, and it's not limited to one age group. Statistics show that, across all age groups, two thirds of Australian and New Zealand adults who have a smartphone find it as easy to use as a desktop computer. Using TimeFiler means you know you can meet these demands now and in the future.

Talk to us to find out more about our mobile strategy and how we can help you support your users' preferences, whether they want to use a smartphone, laptop or even a piece of paper.

The Future:TimeFiler