Purpose-built for the Cloud

Your Users can Access TimeFiler at Any Time


TimeFiler has always been a completely web-based application. We designed TimeFiler to be deployed 'in the cloud', with specific features to suit corporate customers.


Timefiler Security

Naturally, TimeFiler is a secure service. All interaction with TimeFiler is via https (a secure connection) using the highest level of encryption available.


Timefiler Reliability

TimeFiler has been available better than 99.97% since independent monitoring started in early 2009. So you can be confident that your users can access TimeFiler at any time.

Single sign-on

If you already use an authentication process for your employees, in most cases you can use this to give them automatic access to TimeFiler. This means your users don't need another username and password - and you can make access to your TimeFiler system conditional on access to your existing IT services. We support the following authentication methods:

Timefiler: Single sign-on

We take care of your data

Timefiler: Data

Our servers are located in Australia and New Zealand, and your data will never be stored outside these countries. (If you need it to remain within a specific country we can accommodate that, too.)

Timefiler: Data

It's your data

We provide IT-friendly tools so that you can access your data, including an automated download to your internal systems. Many of our customers use this feature to include TimeFiler data in a data warehouse.

Check out our technical fact sheet, or talk to us for more information.