Integrate it


Some of our customers already have a system for scheduling staff, typically as part of a wider scheduling system (such as hospital ward scheduling). We can work with you to import that roster directly into TimeFiler, where it can be viewed, reported and costed in exactly the same way as the native TimeFiler roster.

Importing a roster

Sometimes it's best to fill gaps. If you already have a roster system you are happy with, but you need to capture attendance and calculate payments, we'll integrate TimeFiler with your roster application.

TimeFiler Roster:Importing a roster

The best of both worlds

If your roster system doesn't support tablets or smartphones, TimeFiler is a great solution. We will configure an automated synchronisation from your roster, and then your users can use their smartphone, tablet or personal computer to review their roster, plan leave and track their attendance.

TimeFiler Roster:Importing a roster2

How the integration works

We'll work with you and your roster application vendor to import the roster into TimeFiler. We provide modern, standard interfaces that your IT department will like, with the flexibility to suit a wide variety of sources. Talk to us about the system you want to integrate TimeFiler with.