Eliminate errors at entry


A key feature of our system is its ability to check what your users are entering in, while they do it. It makes completing a timesheet form (or leave request, or roster) a main-usable for your users, and gives you confidence that the information entered is accurate.

Real-time, customisable warnings

TimeFiler offers two types of warning. Yellow warnings highlight potential issues or points of interest, but are allowed to remain on the timesheet. Red warnings must be resolved before the timesheet can be saved or submitted for approval.

We'll work with you to configure tips and warnings according to your requirements. It's about understanding the mistakes that happen in your existing system, and adding the warnings and rules to TimeFiler to capture and eliminate them.

Yellow ...

Customers use yellow warnings to identify possible issues or anomalies, so that Managers know exactly what they are approving when they sign off a timesheet.

This example highlights that overtime has been incurred on the day. In this example, the overtime will be paid and the warning is there to advise the employee and his or her manager. In other configurations, customers choose to add a tick-box visible only to Managers, to enable Managers to approve the overtime:

In the example below, the user has claimed annual leave for the day, but the system has been configured to fall back to leave without pay once the employee's annual leave balance is exhausted.

Highlighting it on the timesheet gives the employee and manager an opportunity to discuss alternatives (such as claiming other leave types) before it reaches the payroll department. It's nuances like this that enable you to save time on the process, simplify it for your users and improve the accuracy of the system.

... and Red

We use red warnings to identify errors or issues that you want resolved before the timesheet can be saved or submitted for approval.

The example below shows a simple check to ensure that the user cannot claim an 'in charge' allowance while on leave:

... while in this example, the user is required to enter a Comment when mileage is claimed:

Warnings can be based on very complex scenarios, including looking back at prior timesheet periods and looking at other sets of data (such as checking the roster). You can be confident that whatever scenario you want to highlight, we can configure a suitable warning.