Easy for managers


Managers get automatic notifications (via smartphone or email), and a convenient screen to review leave requests in the context of their team’s roster. So it’s easy to decide whether to approve leave, or to see who needs encouragement to take a holiday.

Team leave planner

Like employees, managers get a single screen from which they can review their team's roster and leave. It's easy to see who has requested leave, who needs to take some leave, and whose leave is not yet approved.

Mobile notifications

If your Managers have our iPhone or Android smartphone app installed, they can get manage the entire leave request from their phone. It starts with a notification:

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Simple colour coding

We use colour carefully in TimeFiler, to show the status of leave requests and timesheets, highlight the weekend and public holidays, and to show warnings. Colour usage is consistent right through the application.

For example: green denotes that something has been approved, whereas light blue indicates a public holiday.

Roster changes update automatically

Roster changes update automatically

Many systems require employees to specify the dates they want to take as leave. But to do this, the employee must know their roster, and this can be difficult for employees on variable shift patterns.

We've made it simple in TimeFiler - employees only need to specify the date range they want to be off work, and the system will automatically figure out which days to pay as leave. And what's more - if the employee's roster changes, the leave request will automatically adjust to fit the new roster.