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We've got a lot of complex rules around wages and leave,and they'll all automated now


Ziera Shoes

Key TimeFiler benefits

  • No more faxed timesheets
  • Integrated to payroll
  • Automated complex payments
  • Works for all countries

About Ziera

Since its beginnings in the 1940’s Ziera shoes, formerly known as Kumfs, has grown to become a leading manufacturer and retailer of beautiful and comfortable footwear in New Zealand and Australia.

Inspired by fashion Ziera’s attractive and popular range of shoes is also driven by comfort, with every shoe incorporating the latest in orthopaedic comfort technology. With nearly 700 stockists worldwide, 44 branded retail stores throughout New Zealand and Australia, and one in California, USA, Ziera is continuing to grow and expand.

The manual system was a battle

“We were struggling to keep up with momentum. As all staff are paid on Tuesday morning, store managers have to send in their completed timesheets, rosters and leave requests by 10am on Monday morning”

Ziera’s support office in Manukau, Auckland processes payments for its 246 staff in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. But with a complex roster system, a manual paper based timesheet system, and expected growth of the company, the finance team recognised that the need for a new solution was desperate.

“We were struggling to keep up with momentum,”says Payroll/Accounts Administrator Claudine Beets. “As all staff are paid on Tuesday morning, store managers have to send in their completed timesheets, rosters and leave requests by 10am on Monday morning.”
But branch managers were battling constant frustrations with faxing their paperwork in time. Constant bottlenecks affected fax machines, and pages disappeared or got cut off. The support office fax machines would be constantly ringing and printing as the deadline approached.“We worked out that we were spending two and a half days a week manually entering and checking up to 200 hand filled forms into MYOB,” said Claudine. “Our staff are on fixed or varied shifts and we need to calculate every staff member’s time individually. The task had become so overwhelming that it was eating into time we needed for other work. ”

Claudine Beets

Ziera Shoes

We were struggling to keep up with momentum. As all staff are paid on Tuesday, store managers had to send in their completed timesheets, rosters and leave requests by 10am on Monday. It was tight and gave stores little opportunity to get it right.

Claudine Beets Ziera Shoes

Search for a timesheet solution

Financial Controller Eileen Zang knew that getting more fax machines, phone lines and hiring more staff was not the cost effective answer, and recommended that Claudine investigate an online timesheet solution that she had come across called TimeFiler.

She says, “What we needed was an online solution similar to our manual timesheet system, and one that is easy to use. Some of our shop people are not very skilled on the computer, and we would rather they spent their time selling shoes to customers than having to enter their timesheets online.

“What first appealed to me about TimeFiler was that it integrates with MYOB. I also liked the customer case studies and testimonials on their website, so I spoke to one of their customers Overland Shoes in Auckland. Overland has a similar structure to Ziera and they are very happy with TimeFiler. The software is also similarly priced to the alternative we looked at, and their team are very experienced and knowledgeable about payroll.”

“We've got a lot of complex rules around wages, leave, and it's all automated now.”

Claudine says, “With so many staff and stores, we wanted something simple. We looked at another timesheet option, but it wasn’t suitable as staff had to always enter their times from scratch.  TimeFiler was better because our permanent roster would be automatically generated into both the weekly roster and the current timesheet for the fortnight.”

While Claudine liked that TimeFiler was recommended by a large payroll company, she was apprehensive about how much work was needed to adapt it to their situation. She says, “We’ve got a lot of complex rules around wages, leave, and so on, and I was unsure if TimeFiler could be adapted to meet our needs. But as soon as we saw the demo I saw how easily we could adapt it. And then when we started the process it all seemed quite smooth. Jo was really helpful, as she understands a lot of the payroll side.”

Claudine Beets

Ziera Shoes

Calculating public holidays was a nightmare, especially for staff that work weekends and particularly where the holidays fell on the weekend. Not anymore!

Claudine Beets Ziera Shoes

Implementing TimeFiler

In late April, Ziera began a pilot trial of TimeFiler at two of their Auckland stores in Mahunga and Albany. They received great feedback from managers who said that TimeFiler was ‘straightforward’ and ‘simple to understand’.

“As it’s an online timesheet system there are of course differences to a manual system, but actually for staff completing the forms online it is very similar to the old paper process. I’ve heard managers talking to each other saying how thankful they are that they no longer have to use the fax machine anymore. Those who are yet to get the system in their store are very jealous,” says Claudine.

The trial was such a success that Ziera requested for TimeFiler to be rolled out to their 19 New Zealand stores by June 2011, and are also keen to extend it to all 22 stores in Australia. “We’re really happy with the implementation so far,” says Eileen. “And I expect we’ll start discussions with our Australian managers at our conference in June, with the view of testing TimeFiler there in July.”

Benefits of TimeFiler

“We anticipate better communications between support office and staff”

With goals to open more stores over next two years, Ziera is confident that TimeFiler will not only relieve  2½ days of admin time every week to work on other projects, but it will also give the financial controller more time to focus on strategic work.

Branch managers will also be relieved of their weekly timesheet faxing frustrations- much to everyone’s delight.
“We also anticipate better communications between the support office and staff,” says Claudine, “as we had problems with managers not knowing staff leave balances, or having the knowledge available at their fingertips to be able to manage their wage cost.  With TimeFiler we can now provide a wages versus sales comparison which will better enable branch managers to keep eye on their overheads.

“Calculating for public holidays has also been a nightmare for us when it comes to paying staff that work weekends, particularly where both actual and observed holidays fall on the weekend. We can now set up rules for public holidays in TimeFiler to do the calculation for us.  I am very excited about this feature as Christmas will fall on the weekend again this year. We had numerous emails and discussions with staff about this last time, and I’d rather not have to go through that again.”

Jo Smith, TimeFiler Director of Services says, “We really enjoy working with Eileen and Claudine at Ziera, and helping them to integrate TimeFiler with their MYOB payroll system. As a retail organisation with multiple remote sites in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, an online timesheet solution such as TimeFiler that can be adapted to their needs is the best option.

“TimeFiler is designed to handle most payroll requirements and Ziera’s situation is no exception. With TimeFiler they now have the ability to manage their variable rosters, complex overtime and public holiday calculations. It also provides a means to deal with salaried versus waged employees. We even built in system warnings to ensure staff complete timesheets correctly, and provided manager training documentation. It is an exciting project and we are thrilled that Ziera are already getting good feedback from their staff.”