Broadcast it


Our customers communicate the roster to employees in a variety of ways to suit their requirements. Use anything from a smartphone or any almost other internet device, to more traditional methods such as printed reports.

Use almost any device

TimeFiler is accessible from virtually any device. We support most browsers and our service is highly available. (TimeFiler has achieved better than 99.97% availability since independent monitoring started in early 2009.) So you can confidently tell your employees that they can check their roster at any time, using almost any device.


As at 2013, 65% of Australian and 54% of New Zealand adults owned smartphones (Google Our Mobile Planet survey, 2013), and increasingly expect to use them for employee time management.

Your employees can use our native applications for iPhone and Android smartphones to review their roster, submit leave requests and many other cool features. We're really excited about our mobile functionality - find out more here.

Tablets, PCs, Macs

You name it - our users use it to access TimeFiler. TimeFiler is 100% web-enabled, so there is nothing to install, maintain, and nothing to configure if you're using standard browser settings.

Email and Paper

Email and Paper

There are lots of ways customers like to display their roster to ensure that obligations are fulfilled. TimeFiler can chart your roster, compare it to required staffing levels and check specific skills requirements are being met. We'll work with you to design the layouts you want and what should be highlighted.